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Also check out: There’s lots going on in Lapbooking! Have fun creating learning presenting thinking!

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Our First Lapbook
By Lora(Lora)
The Princess and I completed her first lapbook today! I think I was even more excited that she was. I’d never even heard of lapbooks until maybe a year or so ago, but since I was preparing to start homeschooling The Princess and so many

New Ventures in Homeschooling
By HomeJewel(HomeJewel)
To make a lapbook, you simply take a plain folder (legal or letter size) and decoratel it up with “mini-books” that are filled with information on the subject of interest. Our first lapbook was on Archimedes. We read the book,
Home’s Jewels –

Back to School
By Evie(Evie)
Now, if you wanted to do a lapbook without doing your own planning, you can purchase a kit from Hands of a Child. I recently became a “Super Member” and also saw that the Unit Extenders are available for their rainforest lapbook for
Stay At Home Child –

Magic Treehouse Book Question
Now that we know about lapbooks I would totally incorporate a lapbook for any or all of the topics. We have done a few lapbooks based on MTH books. (Dinosaurs, Civil War, and Middle Ages were all based around MTH books. * *

Anyone Know How to Cure Lapbook Fever?
By Della(Della)
Been lapbooking this week like a madwoman…got scissor calluses to prove it! Thought I’d share some with you. Been workin’ on a humdinger for Jack, but am not going to reveal it until I am all finished. I have made him several file

By Maddie(Maddie)
Lapbooking, while not widely used is one of our keys to effective and dynamic learning. I think of it as a practical and visual bridge between what we have read and what the kids take in. The kids enjoy going back over the books and
Domestic Anarchy –

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest


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