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Photobucket Lapbooks! We have tried to do these before with
By De’Etta @ Choosing Joy(De’Etta @ Choosing Joy)
We are currently making a lapbook on Knights and another on the Voting Process and the younger boys are enjoying them. I think the key is that Jared and Arielle are not participating with us this year. ::snort::

The Normans Lapbook
By Have Fun – Live Life(Have Fun – Live Life)
Well, my youngest finished this lapbook during the school hols (I think), but it’s taken a while for me to upload them. I see this as a good start to October, long may it continue!! I love the front of this one, as it is so colourful,
Have Fun – Live Life – http://havefun-livelife.blogspot.com/


Places – Countries

LAPBOOK – Flat Stanley
By tnmomwith3kids
I cheated and got the free lapbook from Homeschoolshare.com. I did spice it up a bit by making a cool ‘lapbook’. Instead of using a typical folder, I made a large Flat Stanley and we used that to put our books on.

Plans for Nemo weeks
By tdrowlee(tdrowlee)
Tuesday: Australia and the Great Barrier Reef Day – Learning about Australia, Sydney, landmarks like the Sidney Opera House, coral reefs in general, and the Great Barrier Reef in particular, and lapbooking.

A Week in Egypt
By withasmile
We wrapped up the week with lapbooks about Egypt. As usual, the kids did the work themselves and I helped with copying and cutting as needed. Brenna’s lapbook (first picture) has a map, details about the Sphinx and Hieroglyphics,

States – USA

Sep 28, Illinois Geography Lapbook
Illinois Geography Lapbook contains facts, templates and ideas for creating a lapbook on Illinois.
Updates – http://www.resources4homeschoolers.com/Resources-blog.html

There’s lots going on in Lapbooking! Have fun creating learning presenting thinking!

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest


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