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Here are some more lapbooks popping up on my google radar – makes for interesting reading. All bit of a hodge-podge, but hopefully you will be inspired to ‘do’ lapbooking.

“Givit a go!”
mind printing but id love to save a couple trees this year alone. and then i also used it to cover some flashcards i printed out for a lapbook instead of leaving just paper now they wont rip and she can play with them all she wants.

Our First Lapbook
By Lisa(Lisa)
We did not do a project this week because Chelsea and Nick wanted to work on their lapbooks. In case you have never heard of it before, a lapbook is an educational tool made out of a folder that usually uses several minit books and can

Weekly Update October 17, 2008
I copied various worksheets from Enchanted Learning to complete a lapbook. The worksheets are nice because Andrew does not mind them and he enjoys seeing all his work put together in a lap book. They are a good thing to have round when

Loving the Lapbooks
By Candace(Candace)
I found the coolest site for some already put together lapbooking packs. It’s called In the Hands of a Child. They’re having a sale on each of their All American Lapbook Packs this month, and just by mentioning that in my blog,
By Natalie(Natalie)
Last year, my friend Sue introduced us to lapbooking. I had never heard of such a think before, but when her kids showed me the lapbooks they had made for their astronomy study I was instantly hooked. A lapbook is a “book” constructed

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest

Lapbook : Google Alerts


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