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Egyptians Lapbook

By Have Fun – Live Life(Have Fun – Live Life)
Youngest daughter finished her Egyptian mummies lapbook from Hands of a Child. She used water colour pencils to add a little colour, and made mummy masks using Barbie’s head as the model.

Desert lapbook
By kenziekylanmom(kenziekylanmom)
I meant to post our desert lapbooks last week and totally got sidetracked and forgot. Anyway, we have finished them except for adding the desert postcards that come in the mail. If you want to make your own click here.
Keeping up with the Wedemeyer’s

Our first lapbook: The Wright Brothers
By Dana(Dana)
We didn’t make a traditionally folded lapbook. More like a tri-fold. But I’m learning there is no wrong way. So the inside fold introduces the brothers and the aircraft they delivered to our military in 1909.
The Sunny Side –

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest

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