Creatures + Created – Lapbook GA


A New Lapbook
By Tina(Tina)
After learning as much as we could about honey bees, we put together lapbooks. The pictures below are of Noah’s Honey Bee Lapbook. Mia’s look almost the same. She placed some of the inserts in different spots, so for ease and simplicity

Horse Lapbook

By homeschoollearningforlife
The girls have been taking the lead in their learning over the school holidays so of course, being horse-lovers, they were keen on making a lapbook about them. Here’s what they did:. They spent most of the day doing them and completed


Heavens + Earth

Down To Earth…
By Della(Della)
My children spent most of this morning playing with their lapbooks (Lillie’s got a new phonics lapbook hot off the inkjet!) and exploring the solar system using this site. You must go check it out. It really is alot of fun!

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest


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