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Rowing Week 3: Madeline
By Mom Guide(Mom Guide)
FIAR Character and Bible Study : Compassion. Fieldtrip. We attended playgroup and library storytime. Fine Motor Activity. We built French buildings with Legos. Lapbook Resources. Homeschool Share. The Homeschool Mom (THM)
Outside The Sandbox –

Lapbook catch-up Post
By Stephanie(Stephanie)
Here is what the crew has been working on the last 2 weeks along with their Alphabet Notebooks. The 1st book was The Carrot Seed .. a real classic. The other is Owl Babies. The boys are really enjoying working on he lapbook pieces and

Cinderella Lapbook for 5 & 6 year olds.
By homeschoollearningforlife
Here’s a video of the completed lapbooks using several resources from We just adapted some of them to suit ages 5 & 6. (Video coming soon). Here’sa few other useful links:

But….All My Friends Are Doing It????!!!!!
By Della(Della)
I also promised I would share Lillie’s new Phonics lapbook. I used some templates from Homeschool Share’s Phonics lapbook, but also pulled from ABC Teach’s site to get the Word Wheels and Word Strips. The yellow pieces velcro on and off

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest


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