Mini-Offices : A Lapbook Cousin


For use more with preschool and primary children

§         A “mini-office” is like a little study corral or “busy book”, which enables the children to take their most commonly used reference materials in the van, to bed …
§         A “mini-office” is an organisational tool for drill sheets and other papers (like writing check lists and word lists) that the students for quick-reference when writing or studying.
§         especially useful as a busy book for little children to ‘read’ by themselves, with Mother or other older person.
§         It contains reference material – may include alphabet, numbers, colours, key words or names of family and friends … many possibilities – for different age groups.
§         Can be done for a particular subject, eg science, or topic, eg Human Body, or for different grades/levels.
§         Have it laminated or covered in clear contact/adhesive plastic. [scroll down] – for older child – Mini Office: for any homeschool by Kym Wright

Clear photos and instructions here for a mathematics mini-office:

links checked Sept.2009

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