Digital Lapbooking

Digital Lapbooking

This website is an evolving work in progress. I do not set myself up as an expert in digital lapbooking, but as a fellow sojourner – trying things out, thinking through ideas – and trying again.

We’ve completed our first attempts at a digital lapbook, not necessarily successfully, but it’s a start. And a step along the journey. Our first digital lapbook attempt was abandoned at  – cough!

Next attempt : see – guided by my boy N8.

Lapbooking with your Laptop

I must mention D.Moon’s Her family have developed some ideas ahead of the rest of us. I read their site about a year ago (early 2007?) and have taken all this time thinking of the possibilities of how it could be done, and to wait till my children were old enough to pick up the skills – with me only 2 steps ahead!  – putting it all online.

I have fiddled with wikis, various blogs but have decided wordpress is easy enough with some gadgets, though tumblr is simple but there’s less control over the order of items. My tumblr has become my lapbooking repository with one sidebar and an archive to help. My html coding skills are rather limited!

Storyboard Clarifies Ideas

The tumblr ‘dogs’ attempt shows the need and value of a storyboardusing a template (also on file at Lapbooking7up yahoo group) or a power point, though I haven’t tried the latter yet. The storyboard includes your text/description and the links of more pics and files. I find it useful to number the little pages and also number the image files with the same number. Some images that link-through will have the same identifying number as the front picture.

Powerpoint (ppt) can be used for a click-through. Words and links were used in the Dogs lapbook.
Here is use of words and pictures for a flip-quiz. Not set up for online use but to be printed, cut, and assembled in an ‘on-the-lap’ book.

There’s not much out in cyberspace, so we’d love to hear of your digital online lapbooking attempts and/or masterpieces. Click on “comment” and tell us your webpage/site URL.

Have fun trying!
April 2008


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