Digital Lapbook : Dogs

Here’s my thinking behind setting up this digital lapbook like this:

  • Lapbooks on your knees (made of paper and card etc) are interactive and for the creative and curious.
  • You lift, turn, pull to open out flaps and booklets, so for lapbooks online it seems (to me) to make sense to not just sit there. ♥
  • Hover the cursor. Click the mouse. The new page should open in a new window for you. Some clicks will take you to a new webpage – others to another file – gif, jpg, pdf, doc.
  • Become involved in the activities, read the captions and the linked chapter of a story, and other pages. This lapbook has been ‘master-minded’ by an 8 year old boy, technically assisted by me/Mum.             -jmw

Dogs As Pets

Creative Director : N, 8yo

 Dogs as Pets - Dogs are cute as puppies, fun to play with, and are good companions, if they are trained. They can become working dogs and work for police, blind people, farmers, and customs officers.  Learn to sketch a dog. Click on this picture and do a maze on a Bichon Frise.  Fold a card to give to Dad then Click for a colour in page 

PAINTING - Tom Sierak's The Duet. Can any animal be a pet? - needs, characteristics, habitats. Teacher needs a pet. Click for the Unit Plan.

Click for a chapter of 'A Tale of Two Dogs' (pdf)

  Click for more about King Charles Cavalier SpanielsCavalier King Charles Spaniels





also :

Click here for my powerpoint on Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Border Collies
   Click for more information on BC dogs


Click to find out more about a dog's nose, ears, eyes, & tongue

Bye! Take good care of your pets.

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