4 Ways or Methods

Can do Lapbooking as or with :

  • a lapbook sampler binder, with each page having a different type of fold or booklet and suggestions for how each can be used. Helps the child visualise what’s expected.
  • lapbooking with notebooking
  • lapbook in a notebook, or is that a notebook in a lapbook?
  • lapbooking more like scrapbooking
  • using fancy scissors and a few more gadgets to cut shapes and titles
  • crosswords, word scrambles, word search (free from www.teach-nology.com)
  • comparisons and contrasts work well in lapbooks
  • mix it in with worksheets
  • use PowerPoint (ppt) – example to cut and assemble
  • Using Powerpoint, check out: http://www.ispringsolutions.com/products/ispring_free.html (6.4Mb) – ppt to Flash converter – use online
    ppt templates – http://www.ispringsolutions.com/products/ppt_templates.html – romantic and winter templates for powerpoint
  • using for Geography/History
  • a specific mini book or two each day
  • make a lapbook ‘book review’ once a month for a book they’ve read
  • timelines – using fold-out pages or accordion folds
  • as part of a large homeschooling co-op. class … very successfully.

Check out www.google.com “images” tab for: lapbook, lapbooks, OR lapbooking  – though be careful even with moderate filter. Check out searches first before letting the children look (have had a few ‘surprises’).


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