2 Process vs/+ Content

How much process do we teach or model? How much is content emphasised?

I think the topic content needs to be correct and as thorough as age group and ability [everyone’s involved] allows.

But I also take care to model and teach step by step the process of lapbooking. I see that as important as content – in its own time/space. I try to deal with some aspect of the process usually before we launch into a new theme or unit study – not in the middle of content. We also make a variety of booklets and folds before we start the content.

·       Knowing how to research;

·       ask questions to be answered;

·       read through screeds of notes to gain the most important data;

·       tracking down visuals like graphs, charts, photos;

·       using a computer safely and wisely.


I think this stuff is more ‘lastingly’ useful than any specific knowledge they may learn.

There’s value in a separate “Steps of Research” topic – great for the brain matter in a teen’s head.

At the end of the day it comes down to what the big picture and purpose of homeschooling is for each family…


7 Model the Process –


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