Country Study Outline

When studying a country – any country, region, or ethnic group – it’s handy to use a ‘menu’ for the children or you to follow and select from.

  • This ‘country study’ chart I’ve done is flexible and comprehensive enough to serve as a framework for a make-your-own lapbook on any country or region.

country-study – pdf, one page grid

  • Then scour your local public libraries and online at google.
    Try:   lapbook  SUBJECT     OR     free lapbook  SUBJECT.
  • We’ve just done India so typed in “lapbook India”    OR   “unit study India”   OR   “lesson plan India”   – so much out there.
  • Search with other words eg. clothes   food   religion
  • Also check out Google images – click open photo and right click save a few to decorate the lapbook.

Enjoy your lapbooking, – from the beginning – 12yo+ lapbooking


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