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In 2009 I collected some interesting links to lapbooks and photos on a wide range of topics.

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Mini-Offices : A Lapbook Cousin


For use more with preschool and primary children

§         A “mini-office” is like a little study corral or “busy book”, which enables the children to take their most commonly used reference materials in the van, to bed …
§         A “mini-office” is an organisational tool for drill sheets and other papers (like writing check lists and word lists) that the students for quick-reference when writing or studying.
§         especially useful as a busy book for little children to ‘read’ by themselves, with Mother or other older person.
§         It contains reference material – may include alphabet, numbers, colours, key words or names of family and friends … many possibilities – for different age groups.
§         Can be done for a particular subject, eg science, or topic, eg Human Body, or for different grades/levels.
§         Have it laminated or covered in clear contact/adhesive plastic. [scroll down] – for older child – Mini Office: for any homeschool by Kym Wright

Clear photos and instructions here for a mathematics mini-office:

links checked Sept.2009

UP! Movie (Pixar)

up movie notes – children’s notesUp-movie-pixar-disney-review-

movie theme notes and a breezy tour through many of the themes of the latest Pixar offering : UP.

Carefully chosen entries from YouTube helped this study to come alive, especially the sections on Helium and the Angel Falls.

Has been an interesting and thought-provoking study. I presented this info to the kids as “a whirlwind mix of interesting topics” and told the chn about going to the movie when we’d finished the 2-3 weeks of quick study.

These movie notes are my property – you may use for personal/family use only.


Welcome to the World of Lapbooking 101 …


– a how-to site of ideas for lapbooks with webquests and topical resources


How to Lapbook



Lapbooking Topics



Your Lapbooking 101 Host

Books + Reading (Lapbooks GA)

Books + Readingbookcase_final

Splish-And Then Mama Said…It Takes Time to Learn to Read
By Sheri(Sheri)
I used the free Splish Activity Lapbook that comes free with the purchase of the book. I trimmed down the copywork pages on the turtle, stapled them and we glued them into the fold about turtles (picture of turtle on cover) and then

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest

Creation – Critters – Earth (Lapbooks GA)

Creation – Critterspawprint

… 31 Oct 2012 – dead links removed 😦


Heavens + Earth

Forest Lapbook
By Debbie(Debbie)
The Deciduous Forest Features mini came from the sample of the Forest Habitats at HOAC – download the sample or buy the whole lapbook if you can. The Big Tree in the 4th section of Christopher’s book and second section of Nathan’s is
Debbie’s Digest –

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest

Seasonal (Lapbooks GA)


Thanksgiving Resources
By (Willa)
There are some resources for a Thanksgiving Lapbook here. Several free downloads and printables; book lists; and samples and ideas. While I’m at it I’m going to list some of the other sites I was looking at yesterday:

Thanksgiving Lapbook
By Lisa @Me & My House
It’s time to make a Thanksgiving MyMini Book of Remembrance (lapbook). What would you put in it? A Bound Book “Book of ThanksGiving” with Scriptures on Thanksgiving and your thoughts on them. A “Circle of Blessings” wheel of things you

Weblink Wednesday – Thanksgiving Lapbooks and Activities
By Mommy Reg(Mommy Reg)
I am using this Thanksgiving Lapbook page and the free lapbook from Lilliput Station to make our Thanksgiving Lapbook. I am also using some elements from Cranberry Thanksgiving Lapbook. (I was going to get the book from the library but
Mommyhood Adventures –

updated – 31 Oct 2012 – kept the best, deleted the rest

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