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In 2009 I collected some interesting links to lapbooks and photos on a wide range of topics.

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Books + Reading (Lapbooks GA)

Books + Readingbookcase_final

Splish-And Then Mama Said…It Takes Time to Learn to Read
By Sheri(Sheri)
I used the free Splish Activity Lapbook that comes free with the purchase of the book. I trimmed down the copywork pages on the turtle, stapled them and we glued them into the fold about turtles (picture of turtle on cover) and then

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Creation – Critters – Earth (Lapbooks GA)

Creation – Critterspawprint

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Heavens + Earth

Forest Lapbook
By Debbie(Debbie)
The Deciduous Forest Features mini came from the sample of the Forest Habitats at HOAC – download the sample or buy the whole lapbook if you can. The Big Tree in the 4th section of Christopher’s book and second section of Nathan’s is
Debbie’s Digest –

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Seasonal (Lapbooks GA)


Thanksgiving Resources
By (Willa)
There are some resources for a Thanksgiving Lapbook here. Several free downloads and printables; book lists; and samples and ideas. While I’m at it I’m going to list some of the other sites I was looking at yesterday:

Thanksgiving Lapbook
By Lisa @Me & My House
It’s time to make a Thanksgiving MyMini Book of Remembrance (lapbook). What would you put in it? A Bound Book “Book of ThanksGiving” with Scriptures on Thanksgiving and your thoughts on them. A “Circle of Blessings” wheel of things you

Weblink Wednesday – Thanksgiving Lapbooks and Activities
By Mommy Reg(Mommy Reg)
I am using this Thanksgiving Lapbook page and the free lapbook from Lilliput Station to make our Thanksgiving Lapbook. I am also using some elements from Cranberry Thanksgiving Lapbook. (I was going to get the book from the library but
Mommyhood Adventures –

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People + Places (Lapbooks GA)

People + Placestarore10

Pocahontas Lapbook
By Shanna(Shanna)
We concluded our studies on Jamestown and Pocahontas at the end of October, but I’m just now getting around to posting the pictures of the lapbook. We read both Pocahontas by D’Aulaire and Jamestown from The Adventures in Colonial
Learning at His Feet –

Homeschool Weekly #10 – Sickness
By Debbie(Debbie)
For History they worked on more mini books for the Viking Lapbook. We also read a chapter of The Dragon and the Raven. So today… dd Jessica, dh Court and I are trying not to get sick. Taking vitamins, extra vitamin C, and garlic.
Debbie’s Digest –

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General Tips + Helps (Lapbooks Google Alerts)


I have started a new blog  . I posted pictures of Katie’s first lapbook. So come on over and visit. Have a great day!

By Sunflowermommie
I have gone on a quest to find lapbooking materials to use in our homeschool. I thought I would share them here with you. There are lots of interesting resources here. There are some lapbooking templates available here. …

Lapbook Insanity
By SmallWorld at Home(SmallWorld at Home)
Back in the summer, my American Heritage Girls co-coordinator and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to make lapbooks this year for all the new members. The first award that a new girl gets is called her Joining Award, and there are …
SmallWorld –

Opposite Lapbook
PreK-1st What you’ll need: 2 manila folders, glue, scissors, stapler, print-outs, packaging tape, marker What you do: Fold 1st manila folder as shown in picture, label with marker “Left” and “Right” arrows, and write title with child’s …
SMILE Academy 

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