Useful Equipment Supplies : 
* Manilla/card folders – buff or coloured, gloss or not, pastel or bold
– best the larger legal size A4 or taller.
– Extension pages for lapbooks – card, could use wallpaper.
* Good (construction, printer) paper – to make folds with, to write and print on. Card stock.
* scrap paper squares to practice folds and put in ziploc bag (baggie)
* Adhesives – (invisible) sticky tape (Scotch, Sellotape), double-sided sticky tape, good quality dry glue stick, Elmer’s gel glue stick, Elmer’s white glue
From lapbookers’ experiences, learn more …  (click for views on adhesives)
* Variety of pens and pencils, colour or watercolour pencils, felts for borders or outlines, clear ruler.


* Cutters – scissors, paper/print cutter (small guillotine) for adults to use, “corner rounder” punch, paper punch, a craft knife for ‘windows’ and awkward things (for adult use), fancy edging scissors

* Topic-related (source) materials, brochures, handouts, postcards, pictures or graphics – info from internet or from library books. Using own (mini-) photos.
Realia – anything from the real world that can be added in like a shell, sand, handmade paper made by child, model of the real thing.
* Useful extras – stencils, sticky velcro (for holding books and the folders themselves shut or making re-usable games, 3in1 psc (printer, scanner, copier), time and patience to guide your child through process of study, research, &/or display
* Wallpaper on a roll can be used for a timeline. Fold it concertina style so that it is book size. Then glue the ends on cardboard, so that ‘book’ has a cardboard front and back. Connect the front and back cardboard by making a ‘book spine’ from self adhesive cloth backed tape.

* Homemade Stickershttp://www.homeschoolzone.com/pp/crafts/stickers.htm/

When starting out Lapbooking, you (as adult) can easily spend
a day or three online – in between life and a bit of exercise and stretching – 
checking out websites with pictures showing folds, mini-books and lapbooks.
Have a pile of square and A4 scrap paper plus scissors beside you at the computer. Do prototypes
of more than a dozen mini-books, flapbooks etc,
then spend some time on another day 
FOLDING with your children,
showing them how
and discussing possible uses
for the different folds and minibooks.


Store in a large ziplock bag or shoebox.

  Great days going through plenty of paper folding and cutting to your hearts’ delight!


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