We interrupt this course on the PROCESS of Lapbooking to bring you a special announcement on the CONTENT of Lapbooking.

The unit studies or topics are the meat in the lapbook sandwich. They can take less than a week or as long as you like.

We thought one month was a good time, but that seems to draw out to a term (of 9-10 weeks) with all the usual homeschooling “interruptions” like trips to Grandma’s, swimming lessons for a week, or …

1. Choose a topic. Define the topic or the limit to information that you will use in your lapbook.


2. KWL – What do you already Know?
What do you Want to know or learn?
When finished ask: What have I Learnt from the study?

3. Learn about mind mapping or concept webs.

Mind Web – brainstorm and fill in the blanks

4. Do a Plan

unit study plan

I think visually, so the type of chart below suits me.

Cover all elements or subjects, but not necessarily all in one Lapbook!
Some topics are more Science focussed, and others more Literary. 


History   Timeline Geography Social Studies

   Lapbook Planner  


Topic:  ………………………….  



from www.lapbooking.wordpress.com 

Economics   Art 
Science   Game 
Experiments      Puzzle
Writing    Language Arts Reading Vocabulary/

The titles can vary – add in more like : Technology; Physical Activity; Foreign Language …

5. Get your hands on some Graphic Organisers (Organizers) (GO).
http://www.teachervision.fen.com/graphic-organizers/printable/6293.html – click & print away!
http://www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer/ – need pdf reader
http://freeology.com/graphicorgs/index.php – scroll down to GOs that help to plan and layout ideas. 7 pages!

6. Work your plans – time frame, vocabulary, activities eg maps, writing.


Grids + Outlines   

see Lapbooking Grids and Outlines page of links for various topics 




2 Responses to “4 UNIT STUDIES”

  1. talibiddeenjr Says:

    Wow, I really like this chart for using to plan unit studies as opposed to just a list.

  2. lapbooking Says:

    If you have http://www.pdf995.com/download.html 2-part program downloaded [or similar program that allows you to convert files to pdf],
    then block the ‘planning chart’ above (using the mouse – click at beginning of desired ‘text’ and drag it to the end of wanted text, then release mouse. This will blacken it) )
    then “print” pdf and “save selection” as a file on your own computer.
    Can print it off when you like then!

    nzjo at http://www.CafeMom.com

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