5 GATHER and Match

info + resources

Gather information and resources

For our first lapbook on Ruakaka Beach, Northland, New Zealand, we used a vocab list, word unscramble, postcards, a handmade piece of paper, beach shell, oil/petrol diagram printout, and tourist brochures of places we visited.

We went to the Library and online to get pictures and background info’ of these ideas – and along the way found out some family history that fitted into one of the tourist places we visited, a Kauri clock factory. Great grandfather was a bullock driver in the Northland Kauri forests 100 years ago, so 6yo daughter interviewed one of her great-aunties. DD had to think of 3 questions and arrange to ‘interview’ aunty, who lived close.

Extra graphics are available through google >> images. Take care to check these out without children over your shoulder. I’ve had the odd surprise with a moderate filter on!

Match information with folds and booklets

  • Match activity or information with a suitable style of mini-book or folded paper.
  • Word scramble on basic origami fold
  • whowhatwhywherewhenhow on a graphic organiser
  • spelling list with flaps
  • diagrams labelled
  • postcards hinged onto folder
  • a lift-the-flap book can act like a little test.
    eg. On the outside of a mini-book for a Music lapbook ,we folded a sheet showing labelled musical notes [beats] and rests, inside were the flaps with the separated notes and rest, and under the flap was the answer “minim = 2 beats”.

Dinah Zike 

or : Divide the Data

The first two columns of this page gives ideas, using Dinah’s books, as to how to divide the information into pieces to suit the different folds.

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