7 Model the PROCESS

Parental Involvement

Lapbooking is an ideal way to teach research, gathering information and material, and sticking at something to the end to produce or present a topic-in-a-folder – ‘stickability’ or perseverance.

Our first lapbooks were mainly 6yoDD working under the guidance from Mother with more and more responsibility becoming hers over a couple of years as to research planning, production, and design. Hopefully this modelling of the process of doing lapbooks helps her with future planning and doing – and not just for lapbooks. I see teaching her research skills as of primary importance – right up there with the 3Rs.

Let your children admire their work, again and again – and give Grandma the ‘guided’ tour around their creative and interactive “unit study”. I call this part Evaluation!

Also read 2 Process vs/+ Content

What fun – and such scope for creativity!
I welcome your comments (below).


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  1. Stephenie Says:

    Great links! I’m bookmarking this one! Thanks for the comment

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