3. Sample Book of Folds

There’s endless ways to do this – go with what you think works.

You may like to glue or use double-sided sticky tape your folds and mini-books into a large folder, though I had some black papercard 46 x 36 cm folded in half with another page 23 x 36 cm stuck inside.  

I set mine up in this order :

Front page: 2 styles of flip-flap books

page 2: 2- 3- 4 page flapbooks; plus envelope folds

p3: layered book; a4 8pg book; opposites book in pouch; 2 styles of basic fold [from square paper] – triangle and diamond; tied paper, can be shaped.

p4: accordion books, one with pocket; skewer book; rubber band and iceblock stick book; hexagonal accordion; puzzle book; triangle accordion card/booklet.

p5: in pouch, heart ‘endless’ book + passport pocket book; pendant mini-book; shirt card [can’t recall which website that was off, a 3 fold]; circle with hole with brad pin [but I glued it on so the pin doesn’t go through folder].

p6: back page is left blank and smooth – cos this folder gets stored with my teabag folding example pages and it could get a bit of a tangle!

I’m still finding new folds and books which haven’t made it into this folder, eg. indexed book, 3/4 book. That’s where a ziplock bag is good – have one for spares and another for new samples.

Here’s Jimmie‘s sample:

Jimmie/squidoo’s wonderful example sample book of folds and booklets

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